FINAL CONFERENCE October 17-18th 2019, Vienna, Austria @Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Science Center- Netzwerk



ScienceCenter-Netzwerk (SCN) is a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 2005 with the aim to make science center activities more popular, and to spread, encourage, investigate and improve them. The association is the initiator and coordinator of a nation-wide network of more than 160 partners organisations and persons, who strive for the same goal: to contribute to better comprehension of sciences and technology and to societal engagement in important science topics.  SCN also initiates and manages innovative projects, using science center activities to excite and empower people from various backgrounds. A strong focus on inclusion has emerged during the last years, which is being spread within the network and beyond. SCN has developed low-threshold projects like the knowledge°room, and focuses on the development of socially inclusive science learning activities and methods.
SCN has been involved in several transnational, European projects and is an active member of ECSITE (European Network of Science Centers and Museums) as well as EUSEA (European Science Events Association). It thus also serves as a hub connecting Austrian science communicators and educators with the international community.

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